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Our Amazing Anti-Cellulite Emana Leggings

Are you looking for the perfect leggings to take you from the yoga studio to the office? Introducing our amazing Anti-cellulite Emana Leggings— combining innovative fabrics, comfort, and stylish design. 

The patented Emana leggings allow you to achieve smooth-cellulite free legs even when you are not working out. They keep you feeling comfortable, sculpted, and stylish, wherever you choose to wear them. 

Once you try them you will understand our obsession.

Destroy Your Cellulite and Minimise Muscle Fatigue

Are you constantly dieting and working hard in the gym, but want to see faster results? The patented Emana technology is scientifically proven to boost your muscle recovery and destroy your stubborn cellulite. 

The innovative technology works naturally alongside your body heat, absorbing it and converting it into far-infrared rays, which are emanated back to the body, boosting recovery and removing cellulite. 

Whether you are going for a run outdoors, to a yoga or pilates class, to the office for a business meeting, or you are meeting a friend for a chilled coffee, the Emana Anti-Cellulite leggings will look after your body all day, every day.

Designed for You

Bonita Active believes that every woman is unique and deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable. The Emana leggings are designed with every woman’s body in mind. They are super-comfortable, sculpting and flattering. 

You deserve to be comfortable enough to go from your yoga class to your business meeting in the same outfit. The Emana leggings’ attractive, versatile design adds the perfect edge of style to any outfit, for any occasion. They will take care of your body and give you a second-skin feeling, wherever you choose to wear them. 

Innovative Fabrics

Our leggings are made of longer-lasting smart fabrics, so that unlike other brands there is no fear of shrinking, creasing, ripping or fading. The advanced patented technology combines the best aspects of all traditional fabrics— giving you clothes that you deserve. 

The Emana leggings combine super-soft comfort, affordability, and style— providing the perfect yoga or lounging companion. Bonita Active passionately believes that you deserve nothing but the best. Emana will never let you down. Reap all the benefits of the age of smart fabrics at home, in the gym or at work—Enjoy!

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