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Advice On Customising Leggings – Design Your Own Leggings

Customising leggings is made easy here at Bonita active. We are excited about making your leggings, but there are a few things you should be aware of when finalising your custom design.

  1. The 3D platform is a representation of the positioning of your design, but it may vary slightly during production.
  2. By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have permission to reproduce the images you have provided. We promise we won’t use your images for anything other than producing your order unless otherwise agreed upon.
  3. If you supply us with a low-resolution image (below 150 dpi), your leggings will also be low resolution. We can’t do magic, but some people don’t mind it!
  4. We print directly onto white fabric. If your design is light in colour, your leggings may be opaque. This isn’t a problem if you are happy to wear appropriate underwear 
  5. We are sewing stretch lycra, so please allow up to 1cm movement on seams. This means we can’t guarantee matching up prints at the seam.
  6. Colours vary from screen to print, but we can assure you that our printer is set up for deep/vivid colours. Please see our full terms and conditions here. If you are happy to agree with our terms, please click proceed to place your order.

We also want to answer your frequently asked questions:

Will the colours be precisely the same as the images I use?

Like all printing processes, colours vary from screen to print. Please keep this in mind. Our printer is set up to do bold/vivid imagery. leggings 

Can I use different artworks for the many legs?

Yes, there is an option to upload an additional image for the right leg on the design platform. Leggings

What is a Hi-res Artwork / Photo, and why is it needed?

To create high-quality prints, we require images that are print-ready quality. If you supply us with an image that is less then 150 DPI, the design platform will warn you and ask you to resubmit your artwork. Some artworks look okay with fewer pixels, but others may view slightly pixelated.

What type of images can I use for my leggings?

Your design is entirely up to you! You can use photos, drawings or artworks that you have made. Please remember that the responsibility is on you to have permission to use the imagery or artwork provided. We do not copy other legging designers, masterpiece artworks, and so forth. Please see our terms and conditions for more information here. Leggings

Can you help me design something I have in mind?

Yes, we offer design services for an additional cost. Please email us at leggings with more information about what you had in mind. We have helped businesses with uniforms, individuals make presents, and so forth. You can also purchase stock images from websites such as Etsy to print on your leggings.



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